Detect Minors Online

Streamline Moderation

Peak uses Artificial Intelligence to detect minors in images, videos, and audio - keeping child pornography and underage users off of your site.

Millions of children
are being exploited

How We Do It

We use three layers of Machine Learning to confidently identify Minors

Facial Reconstruction

Facial feature analysis,
tailored by demographic

Frame Simulation

The first minor moderation
using body structure

Vocal Interpretation

A groundbreaking advancement
for the industry

Industry Standards Fail
on Key Demographics.

Most moderation tools are incapable of age estimation and are unable to detect the majority of CSAM. The players that currently offer some degree of underage user detection typically display mediocre results, performing especially poorly on any dataset featuring teenagers or significant ethnic diversity. Peak recognizes that CSAM is an issue that affects people of all backgrounds, and we believe that being unable to separate teenagers from young adults represents a critical product failure. The special emphasis we place on inclusivity and minor protection can be seen simply by observing our metrics:

Teenagers and
People of Color deserve
protection, too.

Recall* by age

* How many relevant results were retrieved total.
E.g ) 23% recall for teen detection means that of the 1,205 teenagers tested, only 278 were detected by our competitor.

Recall by demographic

Why should you

Peak ?


Peak was created with the intention of being able to moderate the entire internet. Our backend is able to handle workloads of any size, processing upwards of thousands of requests per second.


Select whichever combination of models best suits your business case while defining your own logical needs to augment your moderation pipeline. As we grow, Peak customers will always have seamless access to our newest features and most effective technology.


Our tools are designed to help the world, not to profit from people's struggles. While similar products can cost up to 4X as much, our prices support operational costs and enable our continued reinvestment in top talent to build a revolutionary product - that's it.

Let's save
the Internet together





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